Offsite Backup

With more reliance on computer systems, communications and stored data, your backups have never been more important. That is why you should select one of our great backup offerings to protect against some of the following real world scenarios:

  • Server or computer hardware failure
  • Onsite backup failure to (e.g. tape or hard disk)
  • Mailcious data corruption and/or theft
  • Natural or environmental disasters
  • Human error (missed backups)

Flat File and Home PC Backup

This is the simplist form of offsite backup, ideal for keeping all your documents, photos and music secure. Install the software, tick what you want to be backed up and when - simple, secure, and safe. Chose between continuous data protection or scheduled backup so that you can be sure your data is always backed up.

Storage Price PCM
up to 200GB £15.00
up to 500GB £20.00
over 500GB £ POA

Features include:

  • Backup of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Files (e.g. My Documents, My Music, etc.)
  • Continuous Data Protection option ensures your new and changed files are backed up within minutes
  • Scheduled backup options
  • High level of encryption
  • Backup open files
  • Filter by file name or type
  • Multi-day retention option
  • For Windows and Mac

Business and Advanced Server Backup

Business data is critical to the running of your business, and normally goes beyond simple flat file backup. Our business and advanced backup services make sure you company essential data and services are securely backed up. Multiple backup sets, schedules, and data retention policies (e.g. grand-father, father, son) are all possible with this service:

Storage Price PCM
up to 50GB £30.00
up to 100GB £40.00
over 100GB £60.00

Features include:

  • Multiple backup sets
  • Microsoft Exchange database level
  • Microsoft Exchange mail level
  • SQL, MySQL, Oracle database
  • In-file delta
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Scheduled backup options per backup set
  • 256-bit encryption and SSL transmission
  • Backup open files
  • Multi-day retention option
  • Month and year end retention available
  • Filter by file name or type
  • Save a local copy of the backup for faster restores
  • For Windows, Max, Linux, and UNIX

Virtual Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

This service is for companies that simply cannot afford to be non-operational even for a few hours. Virtual copies of your Servers are synchronised to an off-site secure location ready to be invoked (in the Cloud) in the event of a disaster, be it total loss of one or more Server operation, or catastrophic damage to the office.

Once the Server is running in the Cloud, connections can be made to it from many devices that most employees already have (e.g. Laptop, PC, Mac, iPad). This kind of solution is absolutely most ideal for companies that already use a Remote Desktop Services infrastructure. If your local Servers fail, invoke them in the Cloud!

Due to the varied nature of each company's setup, prices are available on application.


Assuming one virtual machine with 100 GB storage required, which can equate to 200 GB actual files with compression, at £1.20 per GB

£880.00 per virtual machine one-off setup on the VDR platform
£90.00 per month per virtual machine
£120.00 per month for storage